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After a long and busy first day at Breaking the Wall youth exchange, Anastasia a participant from Greece wanted to share her first thoughts, specially aftr watching a documentary about the border fence at Melilla.

Truth be said there are still people who help, support and show their solidarity to the people next to them. “Breaking the wall” is one of the projects, which thanks to Fernando and Martina, creates and shares knowledge about the refugees and immigrant situation with the world, which is very crucial if you want to offer some assurance.

The first day of the project has come to an end and several thoughts are crossing our minds. First one being “How come the European Union, on one hand, promote this kind of projects that raise awareness and on the other hand, does not actually help resolve this huge humanitarian crisis, the biggest one after World War II.

As Luis Pernia said, the President of ASPA, the association for solidarity and peace in Andalucia, when presenting the project, “immigration is not a problem”. It is a natural process of the human beings, listening to their instincts and trying to find not a better future – but just a future. Apart from the billions being spent not in finding a real solution, but just in pushing the problem away from our “door” and building fences, the EU and Turkey have decided to send those people back to the countries where they came from. The Human Rights Association though is making it clear that deporting people back to their countries is illegal. People possess the right to stay in the country they went, seek medical assistance and ask for an interpreteur. Furthermore, there was a documentary screened during the day, called “Europe or die”, which was very informative on the current situation between the south border of Spain and Morocco.

All we have to do, is just think how we would want to be treated, if we also had to abandon our own houses, our families and our own country in order to ensure our safety and living. Let’s break the walls and the borders of our minds and help save the boat of humanity that has been sinking for quite a long time!

Written by Anastasia P. Vaitsopoulou (Greece)




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