Day 1: Breaking the Wall has just started!!

Monday, April 4th

Hello people! Finally, the project “Breaking the wall” has started full of positive energy!!

We are 27 participants from Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Italy. We just arrived to Malaga to discuss and learn about immigrantion issues and refugees situation in the Mediterranean Sea.
Paranorama by Ramy Mortada (Egypt)
After breakfast, we met all together at 10.00 a.m. In the garden, we started the first activity: a visit around our beautiful hostel called “La Noria”. Afterwards, we had a meeting with Luis Pernía, President of OFS ( Observatorio de la Frontera Sur) and hosting organisation, who explained the situation at the borders between Spain and Morocco, talking about the cities of Melilla and Ceuta. We admire him because he is a very charismatic person and a fighter for human rights.

IMG_6105 IMG_6116

We restarted activities at 3.00 a.m. with a introduction to the Spanish’s borders in Africa made by Fernando, one of the members of the organisation team. We really liked this presentation because it made us conscious of immigrant’s problems through pics and a short documentary by Vice. We felt sad and frustrated but we apreciated a lot that someone tell us the story in the first hand.
Fernando made an introduction about Observatorio Frontera Sur and Melilla fence drama
The last part of the day, we had the visit of two local journalists: Javier and David, who currently work in a local radio community. They came to show us how the reality of their professional life is and they taught us the concept of 6W and the different parts of the process of communication: sender, message, noise, channel, encoding, receivers and feedback. Also, they made some games which we enjoyed a lot as we can put on the shoes of the refugees. The most beautiful of them has been a game with baloons: we blew them up while thinking about the most relevants things of our lives (the first friends we made, our first dreams, our families, our first love) and then we broke them, feeling sad because our live was lost.
IMG_6110 IMG_6109 IMG_6106
 To sum up everything was amazing! We are ready to start another fantastisc day!! (Best regards from group 1 hahaha!!)


Post written by Marianna (Italy), Alba (Spain) and Ugur and Mehmet (Turkey).
Photos by Ramy (Egypt), Mehmet (Turkey) and  Maria José (Spain)
Explaining the main rules at La Noria.
After lunch, Spaniards often have siesta. Our participants rather take a selfie instead.
“Girls just wanna have fun”


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