NGOs participating in the project:

Identities – ITALY
Identities is a non-profit and private organization, established in Chieti (Italy) since February 2014. With the sole purpose of fostering social solidarity, is based on the firm belief that each individual must seek social welfare and development, knowing that the discovery, the understanding and the acceptance of educational values embodied by the diversity of others represent fundamental steps to improving moral development and social cohesion.
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United Colors of Humanity – TURKEY
United Colors of Humanity is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organization that welcomes youth peace initiatives regardless of gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, or any other distinction. UCOH focused in human rights, anti-discrimination, rural development social inclusion, human rights of peoples with disabilities.


Power No Borders – EGYPT
Power No borders is a non profit Egyptian Youth NGO that works through volunteers to develop a country-people-environment-health-thinking and creativity in all aspects of life through various programs and campaigns. It also aims to work with young people of fewer opportunities due to low education levels and very poor economy and suffering from unemployment to improve their skills and help them finding jobs, ensuring their active participation and social inclusion in the society. They count on volunteers that helps and support visually impaired people and provide support for other disabilities as well.
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KEAN (Cell of Alternative Youth) is a non-profit organization, with basic orientation to promote new technologies and social awareness of youth, and its main shaft is to focus on the environment, show respect to it and to the sustainable development with which it is associated. The frames of KEAN are shaped by scientific analyzes, workshops and activities, while cooperation and constant communication with others both inside and outside the Greek borders, is a policy of our organization.
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Kean Alternative Activities Association is a newly established association, but with proven strength because of previous experience of its members. It is a non-profit organization born from the needs to meet the different demands of society in an alternative way. In this year of existence we have worked in environmental education with schools and institutions and organic farming as a community tool.

Since 2010 KEAN is collaborating in the creation of the Observatory of the Southern Border, founded by three members of KEAN along with Luis Pernia (President of the organization for the solidarity of immigrants in Málaga). We have worked with immigrants in order to record incidents of discrimination and violence of human rights, in cooperation with social operators, mentoring and legal supporting to immigrants.

The Southern Border Observatory aims to collect information and raise awareness regarding the migratory movement in the Spanish-Moroccan border. We are permanent members of the table for solidarity of immigrants in Málaga, fully sharing the reality of this phenomenon within NGO based in Andalucía.